Há-des-de cá vir – Tenho tanta coisa para te dizer

“You should stop by I have so much to say to you” was my third solo show and was entirely dedicated to black and white illustration. The show took place in late November of 2016 at the Art Room in Lisboa.

After nearly two decades of working as an illustrator I got fed up with Illustration being treated as a minor art… Several artists that I know and respect, that grew up drawing brilliantly, have turned their backs on illustration so that they can be accepted in the “art world”, which is absolute bulls### to me. So I decided that I had to make this show as a tribute to my background and to fill it with (sweet) insults to those who don’t respect illustration.

I am first and foremost an illustrator, and then I am everything else a painter, a muralist, etc etc etc…

If you want to see the whole show, with the image titles have a look here, and here you can see more photos of the opening. Thanks a million to Dona Mara and Arlindo Camacho for the photos they took on the opening night!